Lately, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into getting a rigid Evo Sportster. I love the Sportster motor.

I found this bike on ChopCult. It belongs to DanoC333. The hardtail was done by Mike at 47 Industries.

Found on the JJ

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I dig the bicentennial Harley tank; shame it’s so expensive.

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The 3rd annual Giant Rock Run is taking place April 26th-27th. Come join us if you can. Meet at the Spires in Long Beach (at Willow and Lakewood near the 405) at 9:30am on April 26th. We will be riding out to Pappy & Harriet’s in Joshua Tree and then on to Giant Rock in Landers. Contact me if you have any questions. @xwalkerx @fart_g0blin @bobbystat @triumphchops @lady_hump @geronimokapp @chomper88 @crfyou @wanderlump

Nice Shovelhead from the JJ.

You never know what sort of DDT based poison you’re going to find when you look in the community tool shed.

Riding out to Giant Rock.

Giant Rock Run 3 is just around the corner. Come join the fun!