Ray Caesar

Tea With Me and He (2012)

Lately, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into getting a rigid Evo Sportster. I love the Sportster motor.

I found this bike on ChopCult. It belongs to DanoC333. The hardtail was done by Mike at 47 Industries.

Found on the JJ

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I dig the bicentennial Harley tank; shame it’s so expensive.

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The 3rd annual Giant Rock Run is taking place April 26th-27th. Come join us if you can. Meet at the Spires in Long Beach (at Willow and Lakewood near the 405) at 9:30am on April 26th. We will be riding out to Pappy & Harriet’s in Joshua Tree and then on to Giant Rock in Landers. Contact me if you have any questions. @xwalkerx @fart_g0blin @bobbystat @triumphchops @lady_hump @geronimokapp @chomper88 @crfyou @wanderlump

Nice Shovelhead from the JJ.

You never know what sort of DDT based poison you’re going to find when you look in the community tool shed.